The Holistic Medicine Alternative

Inside a world covered with big pharmaceutical companies and processed food manufacturers, an increasing number of people are trying to find natural health alternatives and lots of happen to be embracing “holistic medicine.” This really is technically a misnomer since the holistic approach doesn’t use what many people consider as medicine. Rather, this broad field of natural and naturopathic alternatives concentrates on things like diet, herbs, plant and flower essences, essential oils, spiritual guidance, a number of methods that will help open a person’s energy channels, and training the customer to know themselves better in general being. We therefore make use of the phrase “holistic medicine” as shorthand for any holistic method of a number of healing protocols.

Hippocrates, broadly respected because the father of modern healing and medicine (both natural and pharmaceutical), stated, “Let food by thy medicine and thy medicine be food.” Quite simply, Hippocrates themself focused upon an all natural medicine approach. Further, within the Hippocratic oath, still taken by physicians as well as other fields of natural healers all over the world, Hippocrates announced such concepts as “I’ll prescribe regimens for that good of my patients based on my ability and my judgment rather than do injury to anybody,” and “I’ll give no deadly medicine to anybody if requested, nor suggest such counsel.” In modern holistic medicine practice, individuals we serve are known as clients, instead of “patients” (now a pharmaceutical medicine-specific term).

Christal Quintasket stated that, “Everything on earth includes a purpose, every disease an plant for stopping it, and each person a mission. This is actually the Indian theory of existence.” In the area of holistic medicine, we honestly think and espouse this philosophy: that nature, inspiration, and intuition, coupled with intelligent study from the results of foods, herbs, along with other natural treatments, gives us everything the person needs for healing without having done harm or giving any deadly medicine to anybody.