Nutritional Ideas for a Healthier Smile

As parents, we love our kids and we always want them to have the absolute best for them. But it isn’t always easy to make sure that they have the kind of care we know they need. We try to teach them the best healthy habits, feed them food that will help them grow strong and give them the best possible advice we know how to give. We hope for the best while planning for the worst. But keeping them healthy by making sure they eat smart is easier when they are small and still under our wing. As time passes this can change and not always for the best.

When they get old enough to head out to school they will be tempted by chocolate bars and the sugary foods their friends bring to school. They may trade that school lunch money for junk food and start to show the signs of tooth decay that this kind of eating brings. Luckily you will have guidance from sites like to help you along the way. But beyond this, there are ways to keep your kids eating smart. Here are a few we have found seem to do the trick and might be a good fit for you and your family.

Tasty Snacks

Yes, we know that kids love the taste of sweets, it is wired in us to make sure we get enough calories. But it doesn’t have to mean they only eat nasty commercial sugary snacks. We have taken to making our own snacks, often with organically sourced cocoa and local butter, but just as often with great fruit that makes the snack healthy as well. How about carob covered apricots or cherries with nuts and honey?

These are sweet, but in a way that our bodies can process more easily than commercial processed sugar. If you can get your kids to brush their teeth at school after lunch (good luck with that one!) then you can be assured that these sweet treats will not affect their dental health either. But even packing a sugarless gum in with the snack can make a difference.

Lemonade instead of Pop

I know that today many kids love the sweetness of pop and companies like Cocoa Cola have pretty much controlled the landscape when it comes to between meal drinks. But these are filled with either sugar or substitutes that can be just as bad for them. Before the advance of these commercial drinks, people made their own drinks. Of course, lemonade was a staple but so was a drink called a shrub.

This is made by combining apple cider vinegar or other types of vinegar with mashed fruit. The mixture is allowed to sit for several days and the flavor of the fruit is absorbed by the vinegar. The mixture is strained, bottled and added to sparkling water for a cool refreshing drink. By making lemonade and fruit shrubs you can encourage your kids to think outside of the all too sweet junk being pushed on them by the commercial world. Plus, it is so delicious!

As you can see from just these two examples, there are many ways you can encourage your kids to eat healthy, make their own fun food and keep that healthy smile well into their senior years.