May be the Raw Food Diet for you personally?

Apparently the Raw Food Weight loss program is ongoing to brush the country. Composed of fresh fruit and vegetables, seeds and nuts, sun dried fruit, vegetable or fruit juices, other great tales. The dietary plan insists that 90 to 95% of meals are raw and it is mainly unprocessed you are able to however include dried nuts and fruits, vinegars or individuals cured in vinegar. Even though the weight loss program is classed as raw food, food might be cooked supplying the temperature doesn’t go above 115 F.

Essential equipment for just about any raw foody….. a mixer, a juicer, a sizable glass container to keep or soak food in and…….. a dehydrator. Until I started to check out the RFD, a dehydrator so far as I had been concerned contained three portions of wine along with a vodka and orange. False! A dehydrator is really a machine which supplies temperature controlled drying, offered by Amazon . com (other retailers can be found) for roughly £100. Personally, eating fresh fruit and vegetables is an extremely attractive idea, especially when i can’t consider anything worse than eating our feathered and furry buddies, but, the idea of Vegetarian Watermelon Gazpacho…… it simply does not float my boat. So, will the planet still stick to the celebs who’ve adopted the dietary plan as the second certainly one of their fads? That will help you decide, here is a list summarising the primary pros and cons.


Raw meals are simple to to digest, provides all the energy however with minimal effort setting it up,

how excess needs to continue to work harder and longer to digest processed and cooked food,

the RFD doesn’t have to become costly – pop into target and you may get periodic fresh fruit and vegetables in a relatively inexpensive,

weight reduction is guaranteed,

salads and smoothies are quick to organize with lots of raw food recipes taking little if any preparation,

enhances mental skill and cleanses your body of poisons,

contains hardly any chemicals or preservatives,

improves skin appearance,

reduces the chance of cardiovascular disease because of insufficient trans fats within the diet.


Children, pregnant or nursing moms, individuals with anemia or individuals in danger from brittle bones must take care,

winter several weeks can instruct issues with the range of fruit and vegetables available,

you may want to take supplements to be able to replace too little calcium, iron, B12 and protein,

cooking can prevent lethal or dangerous microbial for example salmonella and listeria.

I have to admit, on researching the dietary plan my thoughts was filled with romantic pictures of me switching to RFD, losing all excess fat and acquiring probably the most fabulous glowing complexion. The truth is, it’s not going to happen. I really like my Chilli Chocolate, I that can compare with the odd bag of crisps and that i could not find any mention of the wine most of the ‘allowed’ lists. I am sure it is good, and searching in the list over the advantages far over-shadow the disadvantages….but it is not for me personally. So what is your opinion? Must you eliminate cooked food to be able to have a healthy diet plan? Or can growing the quantity of fruit and vegetables in what you eat supply you with the better of all possible worlds? Solutions on the postcard please.