ElemVitals Will Afford You Better Health

The word ElemVital primarily consists of two words ‘Element’ and ‘Vital’. ElemVitals products are basically food supplements that offer to fulfil the required dosage of trace element requirement in the user’s body.

Trace elements are elements that are required by the human body for only in trace quantities, that is, in minute quantities for proper growth, development and physiology of a human body. They usually constitute an enzyme. Trace elements are indispensable for a human body and have a specific function by acting as a catalyst or structural components of larger molecules. In context of nutrition, these are nutrients required by the human body to perform functions that are necessary for life.  Essential trace elements are required by a person’s body in amounts ranging from 50 micrograms to 18 milligrams per day.

What are the required trace elements?

The human body is largely made up of six elements, oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus. These elements constitute 99% of the human body. A meagre 0.85% is composed of elements like potassium, sulphur, sodium, chlorine and magnesium. These elements are called as trace elements. Other elements required by humans for continuous growth, development and repair of cells and tissues include zinc, copper, iron, manganese, iodine, etc.

Function of trace elements

Due to their extremely small dosage requirements, most people are unable to identify that their body has an insufficiency or deficiency of one or more trace metal. Although the effect due to lack of these elements is not very visible, a prolonged lack of these elements from the human body can lead to serious and chronic illnesses.

Dietary supplements like the ElemVitals products can be formulated to contain several different compositions of these vital and necessary elements so as to meet the varying requirements and needs of different consumers.

Importance of trace elements

Each trace element has an individual role to play for the smooth functioning of the human body.Magnesium helps in the reduction of fatigue, and supports the growth and maintenance and normal functioning of the nervous system and muscles. Selenium contributes to the normal functioning of the immunity system and thyroid glands. It also helps maintain the hair and nails. Iron is an important trace element as it helps in the transportation of oxygen in the body. Zinc is a necessary element for macronutrient metabolism and maintenance of bones, hair, nails and skin while copper is instrumental in the normal functioning of the immune system and protection of cells against oxidative stress.