An alternative solution to insomnia

 Sometimes work life or even student life can cause a lot of stress and disrupt sleeping patterns of people for various reasons and in turn, these people would experience a significant lack of energy and cognitive responses due to fatigue and will ultimately affect their overall performance.

In some cases, these people tend to use energy drinks, coffee and other stimulators to provide the necessary energy they lack, though effective, it gives them that wired, jittery feeling and the effects do not really last a long time. This is why more and more people are turning to alternatives such as natural nootropic supplements to provide them with the necessary energy they lack or even a good night’s sleep. One nootropic supplement in particular, Phenibut is used by people to get much needed rest and can be a cure for insomnia as well.

Get the good night’s sleep that you deserve

After a long, hard and stressful day at work or in school, the only rewarding thing after coming home is getting a good night’s sleep. While this might be the case, some people, no matter how hard they try simply cannot go to sleep as easily as others. For others, it may be caused by stress or anxiety or even insomnia because their sleeping patterns have become so erratic and their bodies have grown accustomed to staying up late at night. When lack of sleep occurs, these people usually wake up the next morning feeling exhausted and can’t really function well.

Since Phenibut is more of an anti-anxiety supplement, when it is taken by a person, anxiety and stress levels go down, allowing one to be more relaxed and most likely normalize sleeping patterns and get rid of insomnia too.

Get to interact with people better

Since the nootropic supplement reduces anxiety and stress levels significantly, this will lead you to be less socially awkward and give you a confidence boost to interact with other people, further developing your social skills, which will prove to be very advantageous, especially if you’re in a group dynamic where you are required to interact with other people. You might even gain new friends in the process as well!

How much dosage is required for a person?

The supplement is very potent and highly addictive, which is why it is usually recommended to be used with the lowest possible dosage at 250 mg daily, carefully monitoring the effects. Some have even gone up to as close as 1000 mg to achieve their desired results. Also since the effects of the supplement usually lasts for about 24 hours in your system, it is usually recommended to let 24 hours pass before taking another dose. Since it’s considered to be highly addictive, it would be best to use the nootropic only when needed.

All in all, though not commonly used because of its addictive nature, Phenibut can be a supplement that will give you much needed stress relief, lower your anxiety levels giving you a well-deserved night’s sleep and other common nootropic effects such as enhanced cognitive abilities.